ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL INTERNAL VISION ENLIGHTENMENT (ALIVE) is a non-profit voluntary organization established in 1996. Some committed and energetic youngsters, who had a dream to positive change in the society, established the organization named Association of Local Internal Vision Enlightenment (ALIVE) with a view to empowering and developing the social status of the oppressed, deprived and underprivileged people towards the contribution in national development process.

Since then, ALIVE started its socio-economic development activities for rural poor community in different areas at Jhenidah, Jessore & Satkhira districts of Bangladesh. ALIVE has been increasing its development activities implementing various programs and projects sponsored by Local Government, HYSAWA Fund; US based donor (SpaandanB), some local elites & its own Funds.

As a local NGO, ALIVE confront many constraints and limitations. Despite of limitations we achieved numerous successes in near past. ALIVE has taken some positive steps to strengthen its current programs and activities. ALIVE introduced innovative steps in the arena of human rights by disseminating information and imparting knowledge on issues and responsibilities relating to the basic human rights amongst the community people, rural people and women in particular. ALIVE tried to do something to the SIDR affected people through emergency relief work, re-building the damaged houses with the financial support by SpaandanB, USA. At SIDR affected area especially at Munshigonj Union of Shaymnagar upazilla of Satkhira district we tried to help the shrimp farming people through technical & in some cases financial support as strengthening their livelihood. From 2013 ALIVE is implementing water testing project in Bagerhat, Khulna, Satkhira & Jessore District with HYSAWA Fund, Bangladesh.

ALIVE is running with a team of 43 fulltime staffs of which 17 are female. We are presently working in 5 districts covering 15380 target beneficiaries with a variety of development programs.